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Homeopathy is a natural, safe therapeutic system of healing that assists the body's own ability to heal itself. The manufacturing of homeopathic medicine is regulated by the FDA. Montclair Homeopathy offers homeopathic and natural medicine services in Montclair, NJ, under the direction of Dr. Linda Robins.

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What Patients Say about Dr. Linda

“My daughter, a senior in high school, was suffering from constant, severe, often debilitating, headaches from an adverse reaction to a vaccine. Her pediatrician agreed that the vaccine was the cause and said he was very sorry, but there was nothing he could do for the headaches and we’d just have to wait for them to go away. Six weeks later there was no improvement. I had limited exposure to homeopathy through my mother, who found it successful in treating her Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. I began researching homeopaths who had medical degrees, and chose Dr. Robins.

We found Dr. Robins to be very sympathetic, knowledgeable, and helpful.  We had tried many supplements to help my daughter’s headaches, but didn’t know whether they were helping, hurting or just wasting money. In addition to treating my daughter with homeopathic remedies, Dr. Robins guided us on the supplements to help my daughter’s body recover.

With Dr. Robins, you feel that it is a true partnership in which you are all after the same goal – the best possible health.  She spends so much time first listening, and then educating – it is a completely different experience than with traditional physicians.  My daughter’s headaches went away completely, and haven’t returned. It’s been  such a relief to have her back to her normal self, able to go off to college in great health.

While I don’t shun conventional medicine, I firmly believe that there is an important place in the world of healthcare for homeopathy.  As a biochemist, I sometimes have trouble with the fact that we don’t understand HOW homeopathy works.  It doesn’t make sense to me. My husband was even more skeptical, but some years ago, my mother gave him a homeopathic remedy to treat a pinched nerve which had caused him great pain for three months. The doctors, even top specialists, flat out told him they could only try to do a very complicated, invasive, and expensive technique that didn’t have much chance of success.  Desperate, he tried the homeopathic remedy. The pain went away and hasn’t returned. Not all treatments are so simple and dramatic, as was the case with my daughter and mother, which were more complicated and took longer to resolve.  But between the successes of my mother, my husband, and my daughter, I have come to believe in the healing powers of homeopathic medicine, even if modern science hasn’t figured out how or why it helps.”

Susan Abramson, Ph.D

“After taking my remedy I felt as if the oxygen is filling every pore of my body. Like I am back to life again.”

Shirlee Lensky

“I suffered from chronic hives for several years. I visited many specialists, but all they could offer was drugs to alleviate and mask the symptoms. Finally, I discovered the cause of the hives and received medical treatment. Over about a year, the hives became less severe and even then, I questioned whether I was truly cured. In my search for more comprehensive treatment, I found Dr. Robins. From our first appointment, I felt certain that the partnership with Dr. Robins would put me on the path to healing. I read the suggested books on homeopathy and realized this was what I was looking for. After Dr. Robins gave me the right homeopathic remedy, I made significant progress in healing; far quicker than from previous treatments. In about 6 weeks, I was able to cut the amount of antihistamine I was taking by about half. I felt better than I had in years, and it also improved underlying issues as well. I felt and looked better, and my body was functioning properly and not overreacting to anything. I feel that my path to healing was achieved through working with Dr. Robins and receiving the proper homeopathic remedy. My body is now functioning normally and the chronic hives have improved to the point that I only occasionally need an antihistamine. I’m still healing, but have made the greatest strides under her care.”

SJ, New Jersey

“My recent homeopathic journey has not only been a very successful one but also far exceeded my expectations. I am new to homeopathy but not to wellness. I am very happy about my improvements especially in light of the small number of sessions I have had with Dr. Robins. Her diagnosis, remedy prescribing, recommendations, guidance, professionalism and the outstanding medical education she provided have all made a tremendously positive impact on my life. Having and feeling these results is liberating to say the least. I wanted to thank Dr. Robins for taking me in as one of her patients and for dedicating her career to helping others in the profound manner in which she have. There is no other doctor like her and for that I am endlessly thankful that she walked into my life. I eagerly look forward to the rest of my homeopathic journey.”

YR, Florida

“I decided to seek a homeopathic doctor when the endocrinologist wanted me to take drugs for osteoporosis. I knew drugs were not the answer. A professor at Rutgers recommended Dr. Robins. When I went to her website and saw her credentials, I was very impressed. Dr. Robins has taught me a lot about choosing the foods I consume and the products I use on my face and body.  She also introduced me to magnesium, Vitamin D3 and other “supplements” as well as the Weston A. Price Foundation.”


“I came to Dr. Linda in 2006 when my daughter was suffering with depression. I had been successfully treated by homeopaths for depression, which runs in my family, and both my daughter and son had seen homeopaths throughout their lives. Shortly after we moved to Montclair, I researched all of the local homeopaths, talked with them on the phone, and selected Dr. Robins.

I had worked with some of the best homeopaths in the country, and found Dr. Robins to be top-notch. She treated my daughter successfully and I was so impressed with her approach and results that I switched from my long-time homeopath on the west coast. Today, Dr. Robins treats my whole family.

I came to her having been diagnosed with a low thyroid–specifically Hashimoto’s Disease–by a top endocrinologist in NYC. Dr. Robins worked with me to create a plan that included my constitutional homeopathic remedy, supplement management and nutritional guidelines, which I followed. A few years later, my thyroid was again tested and came back as “normal.”

Dr. Linda’s approach is the most holistic I have seen, and she takes the time to really design an individualized healing plan for each patient. I am delighted with the results not only for my health, but for that of my son and daughter, and I enthusiastically recommend Dr. Linda to any of my friends facing health challenges. She offers a pioneering 21st century model of complementary and holistic wellness for people committed to living their best lives.”

TaRessa Stovall

“Katy and I want to thank you for all that you have done for us. Graduation from high school would not have been possible without your help. It has been a huge ordeal to get through all of the classes in order to graduate. There’s still good and bad days. We are so grateful for the good!  Thank you seems so inadequate in the grand scheme of all that you have done for us. Thank you for sharing your gifts of love, healing and compassion with us.”

Laura Buskirk

“Linda Robins is an intuitive compassionate healer. Her vast knowledge in the field of medicine makes her a wonderful candidate to help others. My encounter with her was amazing. We had a connection instantly. I felt as if the diagnosis was channeled. Right on the experience was divine. If you’re looking for a caring doctor, you’ve found the right person.”

Rivky Engle, New York